Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mini-Idol: Desiree Rogers

Thanks to Jezebel, I found this amazing woman, who is going to be the next White House Social Secretary. The Wellesley Alum, class of '81, currently is the President of Social Networking for Allstate. The pic above is her at the Ravinia music festival, outside of Chicago. I couldn't find too many public pictures of her, but I can't wait to see more of her, and more awesome fashion like that multicolored floaty dress!

Jezebel writes that at the White House, Rogers will be:
"In charge of everything about every public event the President and First Lady do — from state dinners to the Easter Egg Roll to the Christmas parties and everything in between...She's got to know every bit of protocol for every state dinner; make every guest list and every seating chart; coordinate security; choose menus; find entertainment; and satisfy every single person involved."

Sounds kind of amazing, and very nerve wracking.

She also rocks a suit like nobody else.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I was totally going to pick Rihanna as the next StyleIdol, and then I saw her perform Rehab on the American Music Awards tonight. WTF? She was wearing this crazy studded cape and dominatrix-like jumpsuit (which I guess is her signature) with a rhinestone eye patch. An eye patch? Seriously? I don't know, but sometimes she hits it just right, and sometimes she's a crazy space-age pirate. But I'm still going to pick her, because despite the video below, she is pretty hot, in a very modern, current, youthful way. And her music gets stuck in my head too.

Her silhouette is pretty gorgeous on stage though her outfit may not be.

But I really love her style in the Rehab video featuring JT. It is so hot, with those red lips, and JT is pretty damn hot too.

Rihanna feat. Justin Timberlake - Rehab [HD] from GeRiKoOnE on Vimeo.

This is last year at the AMAs. Kinda kooky too.

And sure, she's been mistaken for Prince, but she is pretty stylish and feminine sometimes too! (Pics from Jezebel)

I just love that green, and her silhouette is gorgeous and classic.Fun skirt!
I like the way she does the high waisted pants. And that dog doesn't even look like a real dog.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pushing Daisies Effectively Cancelled

Despite professing my undying love for everything Pushing Daisies (and specifically Anna Friel), ABC has decided not to extend the show past its 13 episodes this season. I am terribly sad that I will not get to watch any more of my favorite show, and not get to see what delicious outfits Chuck wears each week. Tear.

Look, Ned is sad too.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gorgeous Pushing Daisies Evening Gown

I'm posting again about Pushing Daisies! I just watched yesterday's episode, and Chuck is wearing a gorgeous evening gown. I didn't find any good pictures of it, so its in the video. If you don't know, Chuck is the dark haired woman talking about the BLT.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It

She's been compared to Zooey Deschanel quite, a few times, so the next StyleIdol is Katy Perry! I think Katy is a bit crazier than Zooey, and is a bit more of a costume dresser. Her super catchy sugary pop song, I Kissed A Girl, has been in my head ever since last week when I decided to pick her. Just like her music, she is all pop, all sugar, and always in full color. I think she tried to channel Lolita in a few of her outfits (which I almost just called costumes, because they kinda seem more like that than outfits), especially the ones having to do with her One of the Boys album.
Those are all so 1940's innocent glamorous, high waisted shorts, and sweetheart necklines.

Her performance and red carpet outfits are a bit less characterized, and a more realistic.
I love the all pink!She almost looks like Dita Von Teese in the pic above. Might just be the lots of cleavage. I love the pink ruffles though!

This is pretty '80's, but I weirdly like it. Not on me, and not on really anyone else but her!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Zooey Deschanel

So I know Zooey Deschanel from Will Farrell's movie, Elf, more than anything else (she's also in Almost Famous and The Good Girl), but I didn't know until recently that she is part of an indie band called She and Him. Her style, like most of the StyleIdols here, is classic, slightly traditional, with a bit of funk and edginess. I'm so glad I just found out about her. Her quirkiness is endearing, and style inspiring.

I don't know much about her music, but I've heard a few sound bites, and it sounds pretty awesome. Even her voice is old school and sultry, just like her look.
(Another beehive hairdo? It sure is cute.)

Here's a video clip of She and Him's Why Do You Let Me Stay Here. Its a little absurd.

Appropriately dressed at an Alice in Wonderland opening.

What beautiful eyes!
Performing.... Also, I love that dress. Especially the color. And the flower in her hair. I just like everything!

Also! Her sister is Emily Deschanel, the actress in the TV show Bones. Can't you see the resemblance?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Mad Men

I finally got a chance to watch Mad Men last night after I ordered it from Netflix (straight to the top of my queue). I know I am waaaay behind the times, since season two is in full swing, but I was a little disappointed with the fashions in Season 1, episodes 1 and 2. Maybe it will get better as the season progresses, and I've seen a few pictures from Season 2, and they look so much cuter!

Peggy's character really fascinates me, though her style is lacking (but that's really the point of her character). I did like her cute purple scarf though!
So I'll see if there are any more clothing gems for Joan or Betty, or if Peggy can come up to par (I'm rooting for her!) as I continue to watch... There was an awesome dress that Betty wore out to dinner, but I can't find a picture of it.

Other than women's fashion, I do like how streamlined, clean, and "modern" everything looks on the screen. Especially that gel in Don's hair...
I also enjoyed the tension of femenism and machoism, and so many sexist issues arise. It added layers to the plot and makes me wonder how accurate of a portrayal it is. If it is accurate, I am so lucky to be working in the working world today.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Abigail Lorick

I've never really heard of Abigail Lorick's eponymous label, Lorick, before I read about it in the New York Times last week. But this photo really stood out as a whimsical, 60's housewife, spontaneous party flashback.
Mostly, I love the cakes, being eaten, half destroyed, and on the model's fingers and faces. It looks like a fun time--so sugary sweet! And this kitchen looks like my mom's kitchen at home, so it is a slight throwback to making cookies and cakes with my friends in high school. Of course we didn't dress so nicely, with tie neck blouses and baubulous necklaces.

But what is with the beehives? I see them all over the place- on Pushing Daisies, on Sarah Palin, on these models! The beehive is coming back.

Lorick's clothes are so prim, so proper. They are more Grace Kelly retro than Katherine Hepburn retro, and very feminine, especially in context... a kitchen.

Look! A proper tea party with white gloves, full skirts!
I looooove the green gloves matching the green dress below. Or is it too matchy matchy?

The clothes and photos are so decadent, so English estate, and as the New York Times says, too much for troubled economic times like these. But who cares about the economy when you can have pink cake and eat it too!

More cake party! From Suffer for Fashion.
For more photos of the Lorick cake fashion shoot: Guest of a Guest.

Don't even tell me its on Gossip Girl. I know.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


A friend of mine picked up the copy of Eloise that was on my coffee table the other day. His remark after looking at it for a few minutes, "This is the most elitist crap I've ever seen. I mean, who are these people?" Which made me think: Who is Eloise? I had know her so long, so did my childhood taint me to the absurd ways of New York's mid-century upper class? Hells no. It is so opulent and fantastic as a little girl, and as a grown woman, to experience Eloise's complete fantasy world. Eloise was not written as a social commentary, so it shouldn't be evaluated as one, but merely as a crazy trip into a drama queen's mind, and as an inspiration of finding one's inner child and creativity.

Eloise lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Her parents are no where to be seen, she lives with her British Nanny. She orders room service, skibbles down the hall, pours water down the mail chute, and lives a totally privileged life with her turtle, Skiperdee, two dolls, and dog, Weenie.

And Eloise's style is mainly in her attitude. She is self assured and has enough confidence in herself to greet the manager of the hotel, orders room service, attends all of the weddings in the White and Gold Room, and exudes her bright naivety wherever she goes. This includes her fashion pursuits: "an egg cup makes a very good hat," "Kleenex makes a very good hat," and "sometimes I comb my hair with a fork."

Her fashion becomes a little more sophisticated in "Eloise in Paris," when M. Dior designs a dress for her. Kleenex boxes are so passé de mode, after Dior comes along.
Ooooooooooh, I absolutely love Eloise.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Charlotte "Chuck" Charles Style in Pushing Daisies

Part Tim Burton, part Amile, part funky fantasy world, Pushing Daisies is easily the most whimsical, stylish non-style show in prime time this season. (I haven't watched Mad Men, but I've heard good things. But I digress, this isn't about that show.) Charlotte Charles, aka Chuck, is the beautiful heroine of the show. Revived from the dead from her childhood sweetheart, Ned the pie maker, who moonlights as a private investigator who wakes up murder victims, she manages to look cute and unique, and always dressed for the whatever occasion. She wears 50s silhouettes: full skirts, tight, tailored tops, and cardigans. And bright colors! Feminine and fun. And great for a dead girl.
The show came out last season, with some outrageous costumes (see below). The first season was a little more adventurous in costuming, but Chuck does not fail in this season, especially in the season premiere (below, in yellow).

Chuck goes undercover as a promotional girl for a honey-based cosmetics company-- with a mod beehive hairdo and 60s style honeycomb print dress. Her bee pin works as a microphone to communicate with Ned and Emerson (the sarcastic partner) to infiltrate the company. Love it!

A few more cute photos:


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