Friday, October 31, 2008

Mad Men

I finally got a chance to watch Mad Men last night after I ordered it from Netflix (straight to the top of my queue). I know I am waaaay behind the times, since season two is in full swing, but I was a little disappointed with the fashions in Season 1, episodes 1 and 2. Maybe it will get better as the season progresses, and I've seen a few pictures from Season 2, and they look so much cuter!

Peggy's character really fascinates me, though her style is lacking (but that's really the point of her character). I did like her cute purple scarf though!
So I'll see if there are any more clothing gems for Joan or Betty, or if Peggy can come up to par (I'm rooting for her!) as I continue to watch... There was an awesome dress that Betty wore out to dinner, but I can't find a picture of it.

Other than women's fashion, I do like how streamlined, clean, and "modern" everything looks on the screen. Especially that gel in Don's hair...
I also enjoyed the tension of femenism and machoism, and so many sexist issues arise. It added layers to the plot and makes me wonder how accurate of a portrayal it is. If it is accurate, I am so lucky to be working in the working world today.


  1. I love Mad Men! I'm so glad you've chosen to feature them and start watching the show. Peggy definitely picks it up but not until the second season (and you'll find out why) but Betty has a fair share of nice outfits. And no one quite wears a suit like Don Draper. =)

  2. I'm glad you're a fan. I just kept hearing so many things about it, I had to watch.

  3. You are such a 50's housewife, Liz... all you want to do is parade around in circle skirts and tight little cardigans. Let's not forget the pearls! Haha...