Monday, October 20, 2008

Charlotte "Chuck" Charles Style in Pushing Daisies

Part Tim Burton, part Amile, part funky fantasy world, Pushing Daisies is easily the most whimsical, stylish non-style show in prime time this season. (I haven't watched Mad Men, but I've heard good things. But I digress, this isn't about that show.) Charlotte Charles, aka Chuck, is the beautiful heroine of the show. Revived from the dead from her childhood sweetheart, Ned the pie maker, who moonlights as a private investigator who wakes up murder victims, she manages to look cute and unique, and always dressed for the whatever occasion. She wears 50s silhouettes: full skirts, tight, tailored tops, and cardigans. And bright colors! Feminine and fun. And great for a dead girl.
The show came out last season, with some outrageous costumes (see below). The first season was a little more adventurous in costuming, but Chuck does not fail in this season, especially in the season premiere (below, in yellow).

Chuck goes undercover as a promotional girl for a honey-based cosmetics company-- with a mod beehive hairdo and 60s style honeycomb print dress. Her bee pin works as a microphone to communicate with Ned and Emerson (the sarcastic partner) to infiltrate the company. Love it!

A few more cute photos:

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