Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Olivia Thirlby: Youthful Chic

You might have seen Olivia Thirlby as Juno's best friend. I saw her most recently in last month's Vogue.
Here she is with Zoe Kravitz, as the "short" shape in Vogue's shape issue. I would have never guessed her as short, but she is definitely stylish. So the dress she is wearing looks semi-see through, but it is an interesting, risky choice, that is perfect for Vogue!

Thirlby has had a few movies out, this picture is from the premeire of Snow Angels (I believe), and as you might have gathered, I love the shape of dresses like this! I think the long sleeves and tulle stripes are great, and really make the dress interesting.

Her dress in this picture is super youthful, super fun, and I love the colors (and the flowers in the background).
And she's just so romantic in this picture! I think we're going to see more of her--in more movies, more magazines, she's just cute and spunky and young and beautiful!

Pictures from: oliviathirlbyfan.com, nymag.com, TimeOut New York, and MTV.com.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Katy Perry at the House of Blues Boston

Last night I went to see Katy Perry at the House of Blues, and she was looking as fine as ever. She wore a super-sparkly top and no pants of course. Her top matched her microphone! I just wish sometimes that I could pull off a sparkly bustier. Where would I ever wear it?