Thursday, October 23, 2008

Abigail Lorick

I've never really heard of Abigail Lorick's eponymous label, Lorick, before I read about it in the New York Times last week. But this photo really stood out as a whimsical, 60's housewife, spontaneous party flashback.
Mostly, I love the cakes, being eaten, half destroyed, and on the model's fingers and faces. It looks like a fun time--so sugary sweet! And this kitchen looks like my mom's kitchen at home, so it is a slight throwback to making cookies and cakes with my friends in high school. Of course we didn't dress so nicely, with tie neck blouses and baubulous necklaces.

But what is with the beehives? I see them all over the place- on Pushing Daisies, on Sarah Palin, on these models! The beehive is coming back.

Lorick's clothes are so prim, so proper. They are more Grace Kelly retro than Katherine Hepburn retro, and very feminine, especially in context... a kitchen.

Look! A proper tea party with white gloves, full skirts!
I looooove the green gloves matching the green dress below. Or is it too matchy matchy?

The clothes and photos are so decadent, so English estate, and as the New York Times says, too much for troubled economic times like these. But who cares about the economy when you can have pink cake and eat it too!

More cake party! From Suffer for Fashion.
For more photos of the Lorick cake fashion shoot: Guest of a Guest.

Don't even tell me its on Gossip Girl. I know.


  1. LIZ!

    I am TRES excited about this. SO FUN and I've already read the whole page in procrastination. I expect much in the future, case you needed a little motivation...chop chop! :)

    Also, I don't have anything nearly as interesting to give back (and, you may finally be the person who convinces me to watch pushing daisies. I had no idea her clothes were so cute!!! heeheee *wallows in shallowness* wait- wasn't I going somewhere with this sentence before I parenthesized it? Oh right!) but, have you ever been to to look at mango clothes? I didn't know about the brand til this last weekend (probably uber behind i know!) when I was looking through a Lucky Magazine that Ash. Baldwin left here while visiting. ANYWHO, they have one of the most creative awesome websites of any clothing store. I just wish there was a physical store closer to where I live! (they have a couple up around LA,the stores go by the name MNG)

    Anywho, hope you are well Liz, my dear, and the blog looks great!

    ronnie :)

  2. OMG, thanks Ronnie, for the kudos and being the first to post on this blog!

    You definitely should watch Pushing Daisies. Its even on, so you have no excuse! And the cute clothes are just the beginning- great sets, quirky characters...go on, just watch it!

    I do know about Mango, they are a Spanish brand so I shopped there a bit when I lived in Spain, but haven't been to their website yet. Maybe it will be good inspiration. And also, you can always come visit Boston cause they opened a MNG shop in the Pru this past spring!

    Thanks again!