Wednesday, October 22, 2008


A friend of mine picked up the copy of Eloise that was on my coffee table the other day. His remark after looking at it for a few minutes, "This is the most elitist crap I've ever seen. I mean, who are these people?" Which made me think: Who is Eloise? I had know her so long, so did my childhood taint me to the absurd ways of New York's mid-century upper class? Hells no. It is so opulent and fantastic as a little girl, and as a grown woman, to experience Eloise's complete fantasy world. Eloise was not written as a social commentary, so it shouldn't be evaluated as one, but merely as a crazy trip into a drama queen's mind, and as an inspiration of finding one's inner child and creativity.

Eloise lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Her parents are no where to be seen, she lives with her British Nanny. She orders room service, skibbles down the hall, pours water down the mail chute, and lives a totally privileged life with her turtle, Skiperdee, two dolls, and dog, Weenie.

And Eloise's style is mainly in her attitude. She is self assured and has enough confidence in herself to greet the manager of the hotel, orders room service, attends all of the weddings in the White and Gold Room, and exudes her bright naivety wherever she goes. This includes her fashion pursuits: "an egg cup makes a very good hat," "Kleenex makes a very good hat," and "sometimes I comb my hair with a fork."

Her fashion becomes a little more sophisticated in "Eloise in Paris," when M. Dior designs a dress for her. Kleenex boxes are so passé de mode, after Dior comes along.
Ooooooooooh, I absolutely love Eloise.

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