Monday, November 10, 2008

Zooey Deschanel

So I know Zooey Deschanel from Will Farrell's movie, Elf, more than anything else (she's also in Almost Famous and The Good Girl), but I didn't know until recently that she is part of an indie band called She and Him. Her style, like most of the StyleIdols here, is classic, slightly traditional, with a bit of funk and edginess. I'm so glad I just found out about her. Her quirkiness is endearing, and style inspiring.

I don't know much about her music, but I've heard a few sound bites, and it sounds pretty awesome. Even her voice is old school and sultry, just like her look.
(Another beehive hairdo? It sure is cute.)

Here's a video clip of She and Him's Why Do You Let Me Stay Here. Its a little absurd.

Appropriately dressed at an Alice in Wonderland opening.

What beautiful eyes!
Performing.... Also, I love that dress. Especially the color. And the flower in her hair. I just like everything!

Also! Her sister is Emily Deschanel, the actress in the TV show Bones. Can't you see the resemblance?


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  2. Yay! Zooey has been my personal style idol for the past few years...

    I saw She & Him in Minneapolis at First Ave over the summer and they were fabulous.

    Some people even say I slightly resemble her :)

  3. I know you love her! I thought of you while making this post. And you do have those huge eyes!

  4. Hahaha, while I am sometimes put off by her acting, i kind of secretly lusted after this jumpsuit she work in hitchhikers, heehee (i realize that she didn't actually choose it, but still! her tiny figure really pulled it off)