Sunday, November 23, 2008


I was totally going to pick Rihanna as the next StyleIdol, and then I saw her perform Rehab on the American Music Awards tonight. WTF? She was wearing this crazy studded cape and dominatrix-like jumpsuit (which I guess is her signature) with a rhinestone eye patch. An eye patch? Seriously? I don't know, but sometimes she hits it just right, and sometimes she's a crazy space-age pirate. But I'm still going to pick her, because despite the video below, she is pretty hot, in a very modern, current, youthful way. And her music gets stuck in my head too.

Her silhouette is pretty gorgeous on stage though her outfit may not be.

But I really love her style in the Rehab video featuring JT. It is so hot, with those red lips, and JT is pretty damn hot too.

Rihanna feat. Justin Timberlake - Rehab [HD] from GeRiKoOnE on Vimeo.

This is last year at the AMAs. Kinda kooky too.

And sure, she's been mistaken for Prince, but she is pretty stylish and feminine sometimes too! (Pics from Jezebel)

I just love that green, and her silhouette is gorgeous and classic.Fun skirt!
I like the way she does the high waisted pants. And that dog doesn't even look like a real dog.

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